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Privacy Statement

Wonshin M&R Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the'Company') takes the privacy of members very seriously and follows the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection," and the Telecommunications Business Act and the Communication Secrets Protection Act.

The company protects the member's personal information by establishing a personal information handling policy, and by specifying it on the homepage, the personal information provided by the member to the company online is used for any purpose and for any measures to protect personal information. I will tell you if you take it.
The company's privacy policy contains the following information.
  1. Personal information items to be collected and collection methods
  2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
  3. Retention and use period of collected personal information
  4. Sharing and provision of collected personal information
  5. Consignment of handling personal information collected
  6. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information
  7. Rights of users and legal representatives and how to exercise them
  8. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection of personal information
  9. Technical and administrative protection measures for personal information
  10. Affiliation of personal information manager and person in charge-name and contact information
  11. Personal information reporting and dispute settlement
  12. Notice Obligations
  1. Chapter 1. Personal information items to be collected and collection methods

    'Personal information' refers to information about a surviving individual, including information that can identify the individual by name, resident registration number, etc. (including information that can be easily combined with other information even if the specific information cannot be identified). It says

    1. Personal information items collected
      1. The company collects the following personal information for membership registration, service application, and customer consultation.

        -When registering

        [When registering as a general member]: Name, resident registration number (passport number or foreigner registration number for foreigners), ID, password, email address, phone number (mobile phone number or landline phone number), legal representative information (children under 14 years of age) In the case of)

        [When registering for I-PIN]: Name, date of birth, gender, IP number, ID, duplicate subscription confirmation information (DI value), password, email address, phone number (mobile phone number or landline phone number), court Agent information (for children under 14)

        -When applying for some services: address, business-related information (mutual name, business registration number, representative's name, business address/phone number/fax number/e-mail address, homepage address, and mail order number)

        -For refund: Account information (name of bank, account number, name of trader)

      2. The following information may be generated and collected during service use or business processing.

        Service usage record, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record, suspension record, bad use record

    2. How to collect personal information

      The company collects personal information in the following ways.

      1. Homepage, membership registration through written form
      2. Customer consultation and service use management through telephone, fax and consultation bulletin board
      3. Event (Gift event) application, delivery request
      4. Offer from affiliates
      5. Collection through the generated information collection tool
  1. Chapter 2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

    The company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

    1. Execution of contracts related to service provision and settlement of fees according to service provision

      Provision of services and contents, delivery of goods or bills, etc., identity verification, purchase and payment, and collection

    2. Member Management

      Identity verification according to the use of membership service, personal identification, prevention of illegal use of unauthorized members and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of intention to join, restriction of the number of subscriptions and subscriptions, confirmation of consent of the legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, later court Identification of the agent, retention of records for mediation of disputes, complaint handling, such as complaint handling, and delivery of notices

    3. New service development, marketing, advertisement

      Development and specialization of new services (products), provision of services according to demographic characteristics, publication of advertisements, identification of access frequency, statistics of members' use of services, and delivery of advertising information such as events

  1. Chapter 3. Retention and use period of collected personal information

    In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information is retained for the period specified for the following reasons.

    1. Reasons for retaining information according to the company's internal policy

      Even if a member withdraws, the company keeps the member information as follows in order to prevent smooth service provision and illegal service use.

      -Name, resident registration number (passport number/alien registration number), email address, phone number

      Reason for preservation: Preventing confusion in using the service, resolving disputes, and cooperating at the request of an investigative agency

      Retention period: 1 year

      -Records of fraudulent/bad use (including personal information of fraudulent/bad users)

      Reason for preservation: Prevention of illegal and defective use of service and prevention of re-enrollment of illegal/bad users

      Retention period: 1 year

    2. Reasons for retaining information according to relevant laws and regulations

      If it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, such as the Consumer Protection Act in the Commercial Act, e-commerce, etc., the company keeps the member information for a certain period determined by the relevant laws. In this case, the company uses the information it keeps only for the purpose of storage and the retention period is as follows.

      -Records of contract or withdrawal of subscription

      Reason for preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

      Retention period: 5 years

      -Records on payment and supply of goods, etc.

      Reason for preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

      Retention period: 5 years

      -Records of consumer complaints and dispute handling

      Reason for preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

      Retention period: 3 years

      -Log record

      Reason for preservation: Communication Secrets Protection Act

      Retention period: 3 months

  1. Chapter 4. Sharing and provision of personal information

    The company uses the member's personal information within the range specified for the purpose of collection and use, and does not use or exceed/disclose or disclose the member's personal information. However, the following cases are exceptions.

    1. If the member has agreed in advance on providing or sharing to a third party
    2. In accordance with the provisions of the statute, or if there is a request from an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed in the statute for investigation purposes
  1. Chapter 5. Entrusted to handle collected personal information

    The company entrusts and operates personal information handling services as follows to facilitate customer service management and complaint handling. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of personal information protection in the case of consignment contracts, we clearly stipulate laws and regulations related to personal information protection, prohibit third-party supply of personal information, and bear responsibility in case of an accident. If the company is changed, we will notify the changed company name through the notice or privacy policy screen.

  1. Chapter 6. Procedure and method of destroying personal information

    In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the company destroys the information without delay. The destruction procedure and method are as follows.

    1. Destruction procedure
      1. The information entered by a member for membership registration, etc. is stored for a certain period of time after the purpose has been achieved (refer to the period of retention and use) according to internal policy and other relevant laws, and then destroyed.
      2. This personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that held unless it is required by law.
    2. Method of destruction
      1. Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.
      2. Personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the records.
  1. Chapter 7. Rights of members and legal representatives and how to exercise them
    1. Members and legal representatives can view or modify personal information of registered children or children under the age of 14 at any time, and may request cancellation of consent (withdrawal of consent).
    2. To view or correct personal information of a member or a child under the age of 14, subscribe to “Member Information Modification” (for withdrawal of consent), click “Withdrawal of Membership”, go through the identity verification process, and then directly view, correct, or Withdrawal is possible. Or, if you contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by phone, by email, or through the bulletin board, we will take action without delay.
    3. If a member or legal representative requests correction of an error in personal information, the personal information will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delay of the result of the correction, so that the correction will be made.
    4. The Company shall not disclose personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of a member or legal representative. Retention and use period of collected personal information” is processed, and it is processed so that it cannot be viewed or used for other purposes.
  1. Chapter 8. Matters concerning the installation/operation and rejection of automatic collection of personal information

    The company uses'cookies' to store and find information of members from time to time in order to provide personalized and customized services to members. Cookies are small amounts of text files sent to your browser by the servers used to operate our website, which are stored on your computer's hard disk and identify your computer, but do not personally identify you.

    1. Purpose of using cookies, etc.

      The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.

      Target marketing and personalized service through analyzing access frequency and visit time of members and non-members, grasping user's preferences and interests and tracking traces of participation in various events and number of visits

    2. Cookie setting rejection method

      Members have the option to install cookies. Therefore, the member may allow all cookies by setting options in the web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

      Example of setting method: (for Internet Explorer) Tools at the top of the web browser> Internet Options> Personal Information

      However, in order to access the company's homepage and use the service, cookies must be allowed, and if you reject it, it may be difficult to use the company's service that requires login.

  1. Chapter 9. Technical/management measures related to personal information protection

    Basically, the member's personal information is protected by the member's ID and password, and the company takes the following technical and administrative measures to ensure safety so that personal information is not leaked, tampered with or damaged when handling the member's personal information. I am preparing.

    1. Technical measures
      1. The password of the member account is encrypted and stored, so only the person can know it. Therefore, only the person who knows the corresponding ID and password can check and correct personal information that requires account login.
      2. The company backs up data from time to time in preparation for the damage to personal information, and uses the latest vaccine programs to prevent members' personal information or data from being leaked or damaged by computer viruses.
      3. In the case of payment, the company adopts a security device to safely transmit personal information over the network.
      4. The company controls unauthorized access from the outside using an intrusion prevention system (firewall) to prevent the leakage of information by hacking, etc., and tries to equip all possible technical devices to secure other systemic security. .
    2. Administrative measures
      1. When dealing with personal information by requesting a member's password, etc., the company does its best to ensure that it is the best way possible and to safely process the information.
      2. The company limits the access right to personal information to those who perform personal information management tasks, such as the person in charge of personal information management, and other persons who are unavoidable in handling personal information in business, and personal information through frequent training for employees who handle personal information. We are always emphasizing compliance with the handling policy.
      3. In addition to the above efforts of the company, members should be careful not to expose personal information such as ID, password, and resident registration number on the Internet or to others. The company is not responsible for personal information such as ID and password leaked due to the member's negligence or negligence. Therefore, the member's ID and password must be used only by the user, and it is recommended to change the password frequently, and it is recommended to use a number that is difficult for others to guess by mixing English letters and numbers. Also, it is recommended to always log out and exit the web browser after using the service. In particular, in the case of sharing a computer with another person or using it in a public place, this procedure is necessary for the security of personal information.

  1. Chapter 10. Personal information manager and person in charge

    In order to protect members' personal information and handle complaints related to personal information, the company appoints a person in charge of personal information management and a person in charge as follows.

    1. Personal information manager

      Name: Wonbae Kim




      email: bearingheater@hanmail.net

      Please contact the person in charge of personal information management or the person in charge of all personal information protection complaints that occur while using the company's services. The company will promptly respond to members' inquiries.

  1. Report and dispute settlement related to personal information

    If you need to report or consult about personal information infringement, please contact the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) Personal Information Infringement Report Center. In addition, if you are financially or mentally injured through personal information infringement, you can file a damage relief with the Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee.

    -Personal Information Infringement Report Center (http://www.cyberprivacy.or.kr, phone 1336)

    -Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (http://www.kopico.or.kr, phone 1336)

    -Information Security Mark Certification Committee (http://www.privacymark.or.kr, phone 02-580-0533)

    -Supreme Prosecutors' Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (http://www.spo.go.kr, phone 02-3480-3600)

    -National Police Agency Cyber ​​Terror Response Center (http://www.ctrc.go.kr, phone 02-392-0330)

    -National Police Agency (http://www.police.go.kr)

  1. Chapter 11. otice obligation due to policy change

    If there is any addition, deletion, or modification of the contents of the current personal information handling policy in accordance with changes in laws, policies, or security technologies, at least 7 days prior to the enforcement of the personal information handling policy to be revised through the'Notice' on the website Will.

  1. [Supplementary Provisions]
    1. Date of Announcement: 0000-00-00
    2. Effective Date: June 24, 2013