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How to insert bearings (sleeve, coupling, gear, etc.) into the shaft?

It is often the case that motors with new bearings fail within a short period of time.
In the opinion of experts, it may be because the bearing is bad, but about 90% point out that there is a cause in the insertion method.

So what is the safest insertion technique?

배경_베어링히터 It is a preheating (heating) insertion technique.

This technology heats the inner ring of a bearing or ring type quickly and uniformly and safely with an induced current within a short time without using a hammer, hydraulic press, torch lamp, electric heater, or oil. It is to expand the light properly. The bearing heater can be easily inserted into the shaft during this process.

  • ▶︎ Extension of the bearing's service time

    Because it's not forced by a hammer or hydraulic press, so it doesn't break or crack.

  • ▶︎ Cost savings and safety from fire hazards

    This is due to the rapid preheating (heating) of the inner diameter with minimal power.

  • ▶︎ Non-affection on grease injected into bearings

    This is because it is heated to a low temperature (60°C to 90°C).

  • ▶︎ Non-occurrence of smoke or gas and waste oil

    Because our products do not use electric heaters or oil.

  • ▶︎ Non-stick metal powder to bearing

    This is because it automatically demagnetizes at the end of the work.